Blenheim Forge

Superb Chef Knives Hand Forged in Peckham

We hand forge kitchen knive


Knife rack

Made from charred Ash with hidden neodymium magnets

350 x 65 mm

Leather Sheath
from 40.00

This item is here for those who would like to purchase a sheath for their Blenheim Forge knife.


Sharpening Course

Your knife is only as good as your sharpening skills. On this course we'll show you around the workshop and tell you a bit about the knife making process. Then we'll show you how to get a mega edge on any knife with a simple stone. You can bring your favourite knife with you, or we'll provide one for you.

Lessons typically run for about 2 hours.

Please note: we do not offer refunds on cancellations made within a week of the beginning of the course. As our classes sell out quickly we will not be able to rearrange your place for another date.

Sharpening Stone Naniwa

A Japanese combination sharpening stone 1000/3000 grit.



Shapton Pro Ceramic Whetstone
from 60.00

Shapton Pro Series are "splash and go" ceramic stones, available in 1500 and 5000 grit. They are harder wearing and cut faster than the combination stones we offer. They come in a plastic storage box which also functions as a stone holder.  

Dimensions: 210x70x15mm

Leather stropping paddle

Oak stropping paddle, perfect for honing your knives. one side suede other flesh the paddle is great for removing a burr when sharpening on whet stones and also re-alining a rolled edge. In effect a quick and easy way to get your knife that little bit sharper.