Blenheim Forge

Superb Chef Knives Hand Forged in Peckham

We hand forge kitchen knive


Most of our knives are made from Carbon Steel. This means our blades are very easy to sharpen and will hold a great edge. However, they will rust if not properly looked after.

No Dish Washer. Wash by hand & dry immediately. Wiping the blade with a little oil now and again will also help them develop a nice even patina.

Cutting on hard surfaces (e.g. glass, granite) will dull your knife quickly. Always use a wood cutting board. Store your knife out of harms way. Never place loosely or unprotect in a drawer with other steel utensils.

Our blades are ground very thin. To prevent damaging the edge avoid cutting through bones and brittle foods.


Our knives are designed for a lifetimes use, however damages can occur if mishandled.

We are happy to repair your knife within reason. Our warranty does not cover repairs where improper use is displayed.

Please contact us at for advice on repairs.


To keep your knife at it's peak of performance, and maximise it's lifespan, it is best to resharpen it using Japanese Waterstones.

Use a 1000 grit stone, followed by a 6000 grit polishing stone. With a bit of practice you should be able to return your knife to it's original sharpness quickly, whilst removing minimum material. Honing steels can be used for resharpening but they are far coarser and do not cleanly remove the fatigued metal on the edge, reducing the edge retention and overall sharpness of your knife.